Environmental and Quality Policy

Energilotsen´ s efforts will contribute to the creation of a sustainability society, long-term profitability and a strong brand.

One of our major tasks is to develop and communicate quality assured, renewable energy products in an environmentally and ethical way, so as to contribute to reducing the use of finite resources and emissions from fossil fuels.

In accordance with established and planned legislation and customers' expressed requirements and expectations, based on our own resources and our day-to-day operations, we will meet and, when possible, exceed customer expectations as we work with:

• Continuously improve our products and services through product and business development with both internally and externally sustainable responsibility

• Make sure we have the right expertise, commitment and service level to produce and deliver products and services while considering the opportunities and risks from a sustainability perspective;

• Prioritize reliable delivery of quality assured and sustainability assured suppliers of energy and environmental products essential to the functioning of society;

• Strive to ensure the credibility and a long-term approach with respect to environmentally, sustainability and quality issues through close interaction with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders;

• Constantly working with our environmental performance by reducing our own environmental impact, such as the choice of transport mode for freight.

Ängelholm 2018 Sweden

Stefan Persson, President
Energilotsen AB

“The sustainable company”

Sustainability issues are an integral part of our work in marketing renewable fuels to district heating plants and industry on the Scandinavian market.

Thanks to a combination of personal commitment, business mindedness, experience and knowledge of renewable fuels and the conditions for their use, now and in the future, we are well-positioned to do good business with sustainable products.

This statement is the basis for our business with respect to environment, and its contents must be well integrated into systems, internal and external communications and strategic management efforts.

The company

Factors influencing the success of the company with respect to sustainability:

A business-minded approach to sustainable development, whereby our customers´ requirements and expectations, and our own brand, for image –building and positioning, are elemental for our business concepts and development as a company.

Our co-workers’ inherent pride and the will to remain at the forefront with respect to sustainability issues ae important values for the success of the company. This does not mean that we will take undue business risks, but that our awareness and expertise will secure our position, and that we will always be ready to meet the growing sustainability- related demands of the market.

Energilotsen assumes responsibility for the company´s environment impact. This is confirmed by the ISO 14001 certification. Our efforts to reduce environmental impact, via flow estimates and targets for transportation, emissions and, above all, our product, are realistic requirements that strengthen the company´s credibility in CSR issues internally and externally.

Activities that contribute to this development include systematic business intelligence and market awareness, good knowledge of current debate, opinion and legislation, and carefully considered choices of technologies and materials. This allows Energilotsen to remain attuned to customers’ needs and demands in a timely manner and to place clear and adequate demands on suppliers and partners.

The product

We deliver a product which, from a sustainability perspective, offers many values.

The renewable biofuels are produced from by-products which might otherwise pose a waste management problem in other countries. The sustainability of our operations is assured by procedures embodied in the environmental and quality management systems, which include well-established procedures for environmental protection, quality and sustainability.

For our customers, our renewable fuels provide a carbon-dioxide-neutral, fossil-fuel-free, alternative that actively contributes to reducing the effects of GHG and costs in the form of emissions right and environmental taxes.

Marketing communications

Energilotsen´ s ambition is to provide information, internally and externally, about the company´s efforts with respect to environmental protection. External communications will help to maximize business and environmental gains via, among other efforts, environmental-driven product development that benefits the customer´s business and environmental management. Internal communications will raise awareness of our efforts, via sustainable business development, to maintain pride, solidarity and, thereby, enthusiasm among our co-workers.

Energilotsen´ s determined investment in sustainable business development, which is implicit in all of our operations and ensures our credibility and our suppliers´ credibility, creates the conditions for new business contacts and partnership that will further strengthen the company´s brand.